Reading Multiple Books at Once

In the interests of getting as much value out of the 5-10 minute opportunities that open up throughout the day,  I have found it makes much more sense to have more than 1 book on the go at any one time. This means that almost wherever I am in the house I’m never more than a room away from a book that I want to read.

For me, this means I’m currently part-way through 3 books:

  • In the living room I have Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits. I talked about this over the weekend, it’s where I found 2021’s Page of The Year so far.
  • On the bed-stand I have Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA which is excellent, joining so many dots for me.
  • And finally, on the bookcase outside the loo I have Robert Kelsey’s Get Things Done. And despite it currently being £2.64 on Amazon, I actually think it’s really good. It goes deep on the psychological reasons why we can’t always seem to finish the things we start, or sometimes don’t even start. And I’m not talking about it as a replacement for dietary fibre!

Especially when combined with my best £4.59 you’ll ever spend, I find this wholly manageable.

And given that at some point in each day I will pick up each of the books for at least 5 minutes, I don’t really lose the flow of them and on the whole read and retain a lot more than I would if I only had 1 book on the go.

Let me know if that helps at all, or if you have a different set-up!

If you’re not already signed up, it’d be great to have you along. The others will make you feel most welcome I’m sure…

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  1. Hey Andrew, thanks for the tip to have books placed in different areas of the house, I found it very useful. Just a bit of feedback on the website, I find it difficult to navigate without a sitemap or a bar with links like what the Tim Ferris site has at the top; it’s also missing your name at the top!

    1. Doug,
      Thanks so much for the feedback – I really appreciate it.
      You’re absolutely right, in truth I’ve been fairly blinkered to everything apart from writing the posts, probably to the detriment of the project as a whole. I will make the time to do some house-keeping on the front end.
      Thanks again and please keep the feedback, both positive and formative, coming!

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